Welcome to the program of A MAZE. / Berlin 2022 - 11th International Games and Playful Media Festival. This festival edition is online from May 13-16 and on May 17 onsite at Silent Green and Panke. 4.5 days of hand selected sessions for everyone who loves an inclusive, respectful and meaningful future for games, playful media and their creators. You can follow our festival program live in the A MAZE. / SPACE and on our Festival Discord. Get your tickets here.

All links will get communicated here and on our festival website. #AMaze2022
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Thorsten S. Wiedemann

Artistic Director
Thorsten S. Wiedemann is founder and artistic director of A MAZE.. He produces and curates under this international label festivals, exhibitions and workshops on the intersection of games, games culture, digital arts and playful media. With "A MAZE. / Berlin" he created one international festivals to present arthouse games, playful media and alternative games culture. He generates new controversial formats (e.g. A MAZE. Magazine, A MAZE. Pop-ups, A MAZE. / SPACE, A MAZE. Train Jam) and gives room for experimentation and exchange. Thorsten established since 2012 the A MAZE. Awards, which goes artistic games in six categories. His focus is on the interdisciplinary and diverse discourse about the medium of the 21. century and in filling the gaps between playful media, art and technology. He also spend during his Disconnected performance 48hrs in virtual reality! Currently he lives and works in Berlin.